• All policies are written on A.M. Best ‘A’ XV rated paper
• Targeted classes of business are apartment buildings with or without LRO tenants, Commercial real estate with
LRO/Merc occupancies, Condos, Coops and Warehouses (LRO only.)
• Silent on A&B (we can also provide sublimits)
• Silent on abuse and molestation
• First Dollar coverage. Most accounts won’t have a deductible greater than $5,000.
• Min premium – $5,000
Targeting smaller schedules > 1,000 units
Pool exposures allowed providing no slides or diving boards
• $5M Excess capacity on a supported basis

• Occurrence Limit – $1,000,000
• General Aggregate Limit – $2,000,000
• Prod/Ops Agg Limit – $2,000,000
• Personal Injury/Advertising Injury Limit – $1,000,000
• Medical Expense Limit – $5,000
• Damage to Premises Rented To You Limit – $100,000
• $5M Excess capacity on a supported basis The following are not covered in the policy: Liquor Legal Liability, Stop Gap,
Hired and Non-Owned Auto, Employee Benefits Liability.

Out of scope:
• Night Clubs, Social Clubs, Bars & Taverns as a LRO Tenant unless proof of insurance showing $1,000,000 occurrence limits is obtained
• Insureds with direct involvement in construction, renovation, demolition or property development
• Student Housing & Dormitories that are affiliated with any School or University (except for apartments that are student
housing and not affiliated with any School or University)
• Vacant buildings, Theaters, Hotels and Motels (excluding)

Approved Territories
• All States except for New York, California.

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