COVID – 19: Message to Ascot US policyholders


Ascot US understands the impact COVID-19 may have on our policyholders and has created a dedicated toll-free phone number at 1.844.589.1563 for policyholders to contact us to discuss accommodations in alignment with regulatory obligations and guidance.


Starting as of March 16, 2020, Ascot US will be offering a voluntary 60 day hold on cancellations and nonrenewals for all of its US insureds that advise they cannot pay their premiums due to events related to coronavirus except where a longer period may be required by regulatory order. For insureds interested in requesting this accommodation, they can either contact Ascot US directly, or work through their brokers and agents. We will continue to bill premiums but will not cancel for non-payment and no late fees will be assessed during this hold. If your premium(s) were financed through a Premium Finance Company we will follow regulatory guidance in addressing cancellations and nonrenewals requested by the Premium Finance Company as required.


In all cases, we will make sure that, in compliance with all applicable regulatory guidance, we are providing accommodations to our insureds where we are required to do so.


State Specific Notices & Information

 Colorado Policyholders:

• Reasonable accommodations will be made at the insureds request, including but not limited to:
• Extension of premium grace periods
• Waiver of late payment fees
• A moratorium on cancellations for non-payment
• Defer any non-renewal underwriting actions
• Provide continuation of coverage for expiring policies



 New Jersey Policyholder Notice

New York Policyholder Notice

New York Business Interruption Policyholder Notice




 Ascot US is the marketing name that refers to Ascot Insurance Company and Ascot Specialty Insurance Company providing insurance and related services. Insurance is provided by U.S. based underwriting companies on an admitted and a non-admitted basis. Regulatory requirements may differ by admitted / non-admitted status. All products may not be available in all states. Please refer to your policy or contact your broker should you be unsure which entity you are insured by. Whether or to what extent a loss is covered depend on the facts and circumstances of the loss and the actual coverage of the policy as issued. 55 West 46th Street, Floor 26; New York City, New York 10036.