Coverage Highlights:

• Full Prior Acts on all Third Party Cyber Insuring Agreements
• Discovery trigger for all First Party Cyber Insuring Agreements
• True aggregate SIR for all non-business interruption cyber coverages, regard less of the number of claims
• Full suite of Business Interruption coverage available, including of Dependent Business Interruption, System Failure, and Dependent System Failure
• Full suite of Cyber Crime coverage available, including Social Engineering Fraud, Funds Transfer Fraud, Utility Fraud, and Invoice Manipulation
• Cyber Extortion explicitly including incidents of Ransomware and related cryptocurrency payments
• Period of restoration for 365 days following a Business Interruption Loss
• Utility Fraud explicitly inclusive of Cryptojacking
• No hammer clause
• Cyber Terrorism Carveback
• Rogue Employee Carveback
• Criminal Reward Fund
• PCI recertification coverage included in the full PCI insuring agreement limit
• Forensic accounting costs included within Business Interruption Loss
• Broad Privacy Regulatory Fines language from a Cyber Breach Event including insurability with most favorable jurisdiction
• Broad Computer Network language to be inclusive of Bring Your Own Device policies
• Data Recovery trigger extended to a System Failure

Additional Enhancements Available:

• Featured on a true blended form that can be packaged with Technology E&O, Media Liability, and Miscellaneous Professional Liability
• Non-IT Provider Business Interruption
• Bricking coverage
• Reputational Harm
• Recognition of erosion for applicable Cyber Crime SIR for a Cyber Crime incident
• Enhanced Wrongful Collection coverage beyond a Cyber Breach Event
• Qualifying period for a Business Interruption Loss
• Betterment coverage
• First dollar costs for Breach Response Coach
• Outside the limit Breach Response Coverage
• Bodily Injury arising from of a Cyber Breach Event

Breach Response Services:

Ascot Cyber policyholders have access to a wide range of pre-vetted and highly qualified breach response providers ready to assist the Insured in navigating through a Cyber Breach Event. For a full list of pre-approved experts, visit

Pre-Breach Services:

Ascot Insureds have access to a variety of pre-breach risk mitigation tools and solutions including next-generation anti-virus endpoint protection, phishing campaigns, regulatory compliance, and tabletops exercises.

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