Coverage Highlights:

• Open Perils including intellectual property infringement, invasion of privacy, defamation, emotional distress
• Occurrence policy form
• No hammer clause
• Worldwide territory
• Defense Inside the Limit and Defense Outside the Limit options available
• Public Appearance in connection with Scheduled Media
• Subpoena Defense coverage (specify classes of business and start with $100k sublimit – higher limits available for an additional premium)
• Mitigation coverage built into the base form for costs to limit or reduce a circumstance that may be the basis of a potentially covered claim if Ascot consents to the payment
• Coverage for subsidiaries, employees, and independent contractors included in base form
• Coverage is included for entities required by contract to be covered for vicarious liability of the insured (additional insured)
• Definition of Claim to include non-monetary or injunctive relief and the request to toll or waive a statute of limitations
• Claims Expenses to include defense, investigations, negotiations, arbitration, appeals and declaratory relief actions
• Insured vs. Insured exclusion includes a Carveback for independent contractors and outside entities otherwise afforded coverage under the definition of Insured
• Coverage for punitive and exemplary damages with most favorable jurisdiction language
• Policy is non-cancelable by the Insurer except for nonpayment of premium

Additional Enhancements Available:

• Commercial Printing Services Errors and Omissions
• Business Operations and Personal Injury
• Cyber, Technology E&O, and Miscellaneous Professional Liability available via endorsement


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