We provide solutions for commercial marine operations on both a primary and excess basis.

Our appetite for marine liabilities is wide with the coverages we can offer including Marine General Liability, Terminal Operators Liability, Wharfingers Liability, Stevedores Liability, Charterers Liaiblity, Pilots Legal Liability, Boat Brokers, Marina Operators Liability, Ship-repairer’s Liability, Marine Concessionaires Liability, Marine Contractors Liability, Contingent Marine Liabilities inclusive of Commodity Traders Liabilities and Innocent Owners / Lenders and Excess Vessel Pollution.

Additionally, we can also provide cover for Maritime Employers Liability (MEL) risks associated with shore-side operations and research vessels. We are able to provide this coverage standalone as well as on a combined single limit basis in circumstances where crew P&I is already in place.


Target Classes Include:

• Marine Contractors
• Concessionairs
• Terminal Operations
• Marine Artisan Contractors
• Marine Concessionaires
• Commercial Ship Repairers
• Commercial Ship Builders
• Commodity Traders
• Banks
• Wharfingers
• Stevedores
• Marine Operators
• Charterers
• Municipalities
• Port Authorities
• Tug & Barge operators
• Entertainment / Passenger Vessels (Dinner Cruises, Whalewatching, sightseeing, etc)
• Pilots
• Public Entity Vessels (Patrol boats, fire boats, etc.)
• Miscellaneous Vessel Operators (research vessels, spill response, etc.)



• $5 Million Primary MGL and Marine Liabilities

• $50 Million Excess Marine Liability