The PRIME PLUS GENERAL LIABILITY AND POLLUTION LIAIBLITY Coverage Form is a combination of an ISO based General Liability
Coverage and PRIME POLLUTION Coverage. This combination provides broad General and Environmental insurance coverage for fixed site operational entities.
Excess Limits are available over the PRIME PLUS and approved Auto, Employer’s Liability and Foreign Liability Primary coverage.

• Capacity: $25,000,000
• Minimum Premium: $20,000
• Minimum GL Deductible: $0
• Minimum Pollution Deductible: $10,000

General Highlights

• Broad Form Named Insured for majority owned subsidiaries and newly acquired entities
• Defense expense is outside the limit of insurance and deductible
• Occurrence Coverage Trigger for General Liability, Products Liability and Pollution Events arising from Transportation and Contracting Operations
• Worldwide Coverage Territory for Products and Pollution events at non-owned locations, during transportation, arising out of your work and
scheduled foreign locations
• Blanket Additional Insured provided on a primary and non-contributory basis (if in writing)
• Newly Acquired Entities afforded automatic coverage for up to 180 days
• Blanket Waiver of Subrogation if in writing and prior to a loss
• Blanket Contractual Liability if required by written contract

Pollution Specific Highlights:

• Blanket Covered Locations – No scheduling required for locations owned or operated prior to policy inception

• Pre-Existing Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Environmental Damage included with no Retro Date

• Emergency Costs (for up to 10 days) and Crisis Management Costs (for up to 6 months) included at full policy limits on a no fault basis
• Business Income and Extra Expense arising out of a covered Pollution Event included up to Policy Limits (72 Hour Waiting period for BI, No waiting period for EE)
• Underground Storage Tanks can be scheduled to meet Financial Assurance Requirements

• Covered Location definition includes NODS and Divested Locations

• Newly Acquired Locations afforded automatic coverage on a Time-Element basis for up to 180 days

Target Classifications:

• Chemical Manufacturers and Distributors

• Pesticide, Herbicide and Insecticide Manufacturers
• Oil & Gas Upstream Products
• Fertilizer and Mulch Manufacturers
• Electrical Equipment
• Waste to Energy Operations
• Waste Treatment Facilities (Incinerators, Composting)
• Waste Storage (Impoundments, transfer Stations)
• Waste Disposal (Landfill, Injection Wells)
• Recycling