The PRIME CONTRACTORS POLLUTION LIAIBLITY Coverage Form is an occurrence based policy designed to insure small to midsize contractors against environmental liabilities. Coverage is offered on a practice or project basis and can be written excess of other carriers CPL as part of a tower of insurance.

• Capacity: $25,000,000
• Minimum Premium: $1,500
• Minimum Deductible: $5,000


• Occurrence Coverage Trigger for CPL

• Occurrence Coverage Trigger for Pollution Events arising from Transportation with built in Prior Occurrence

• Defense expense is outside the limit of insurance and deductible
• Broad Form Named Insured for majority owned subsidiaries and newly acquired entities
• Newly Acquired Entities afforded automatic coverage for up to 180 days
• Worldwide Coverage Territory
• Blanket Contractual Liability if required by written contract
• Blanket Waiver of Subrogation if in writing and prior to a loss
• Blanket Additional Insured provided on a primary and non-contributory basis (if in writing)
• Non-Owned Locations coverage provided on a Claims-made basis with no retro date.
• Emergency Costs (for up to 10 days) and Crisis Management Costs (for up to 6 months) included at full policy limits on a no fault basis

Target Classifications:

• General Contractors
• Street and Road
• Erection
• Concrete
• Demolition
• Environmental Remediation
• Roofing
• Trade